News Articles - "Feds keep little-used airports in business"
"Three-quarters of general-aviation airports lose money every year and stay solvent only with cash from local taxpayers, says Vitaly Guzhva, a finance professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida." - "Small Airports Land Big Grants"
"Critics say the number of subsidized airports with no commercial flights is excessive at a time when larger airports are struggling to deal with delays in air traffic, and that much of the money the general-aviation airports get benefits only a few private pilots."
"Congressmen are spending millions building runways at these little airports. That is just a complete waste of money," says Jonathan Ornstein, CEO of Mesa Air Group, a regional air carrier. "There is a huge requirement to overhaul infrastructure at major airports."
INTERACTIVE MAP: Small airports land big grants - "Miller opposes FAA's plan to hide bird-strike data"


Jean Johannigman email to Jack Delaney from Oct 14, 2009

From: "Jean Johannigman"
To: Jack Delaney/AGL/FAA@FAA
Date:10/14/2009 01:58 PM
Subject: scan0005.pdf - Adobe Reader

Mr. Delaney,

While I await your answer on whether the Greensburg Airport board has submitted an alternate site to the FAA for their evaluation besides the current site...another question came to mind.

I have attached an email conversation where I gave sandy lyman a synopsis of my understanding of a conversation that she and I had about the grant monies both by phone and by email. Please review that attachment .

Baically what I understand on the grant that the grant monies received thus far are tied to paying down the purchase of the current site and the master plan for the current site. I also understood that yearly there would be additional grant monies available to pay towards the purchase of the current airport facility. In that...any of these grants received towards the purchase of the current facility or the master plan for the current facility, would not have to be paid back as long as the current facility remains an airport.

As for the expansion...when and only when the FAA officially approves a plan for the expansion of the airport...and then additional grant monies are awarded towards the EXPANSION...then, if we do not EXPAND then we would owe the FAA back any additional grants that are received towards the EXPANSION. At this point with no expansion as yet approved by the FAA...and with no grant money given as yet by the FAA for EXPANSION of the airport...the Greensburg airport would not owe any money back to the FAA as long as the current airport stays open as an airport whether the decision is made to follow through with the expansion or not. If that is not correct...please explain.

If you would please verify if what sandy lyman corroborated as an employee of the FAA was correct.

Thank you for your time.

Jean Johannigman

Jean Johannigman email to Jack Delaney from Oct 14, 2009
From: []
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2009 11:47 AM
To: Jean Johannigman
Subject: Re: Greensburg airport
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Ms. Johannigman:

As long as the existing airport facility remains open, no federal funds would need to be paid back for either the land reimbursement or the master plan study. Once the master plan is completed and all the environmental documents are approved by the FAA, only then would the airport be eligible to receive federal funding for the approved plan. As I have previously stated, just because an a project is eligible does not necessarily mean it will get federal funding.

Jack Delaney
Assistant Manager
Chicago Airports District Office
Federal Aviation Administration

Jean Johannigman email sent to Jack Delaney at the FAA

Jack Delaney's email in response

Sandy Lyman at the FAA responds to email sent by Jean Johannigman

FAA Requirements

Deer Hazard to Aircraft and Deer Fencing
     "If deer are observed on or near the aircraft movement area, immediate action must be taken to remove them."

     "FAA recommends a 10-12 foot chain link fence with 3-strand barbed wire outriggers"

On the environmental impact.

This is an excerpt from a TIME magazine article on noise pollution. Monday, May 7, 2001.
     "Long ago, Charles Lindbergh embodied the chivalric attraction of flight - the lone eagle, soaring without boundaries in the purity of the upper air: 'O, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth/ and climbed the sky on laughter-silvered wings.' The aviation industry, with a sort of corrupt nostalgia, still uses rhetoric about "the freedom to fly." But Lindbergh ultimately became profoundly disgusted with the industry that he had pioneered. He ended life regarding air travel as mere squalor and aviation in general as one of the world's serious environmental problems."
Henry David Thoreau...and a litte sarcasm.
     "Some men don't care for nature and would sell there share in all her beauty...Thank God they cannot fly and lay waste the sky as well as the earth."

Impact of Airport Noise on Market Values

"It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error."
Justice Robert Houghwout

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