Projected Costs to Build ( overall and years 1-5 )

Projected Costs to Build ( years 5-10 and 11-20 )

     If in the future, Greensburg still decides to move this Airport, or decides it can no longer operate the airport for whatever reason, the FAA will require Greensburg BOAC(ie. Greensburg taxpayers ) to repay the $31, 253,290( needs verified for accountability). Are we certain this is the right location? Are we sure we need this expansion?

Projected Operational Costs

Employee Salaries
Maintenance of Equipment
Environmental Mitigation
Wildlife Mitigation
Weather Mitigation including ice melt of runway.
de-icing of planes and capturing the de-icing agent
additional mowing from 32 to 254 acres...snow removal as well
What is also hard to measure is the increase in construction costs over this 20 period.

In Comparison to Bellefontaine Regional Airport in Ohio

Quoting from the letter...

"As I understand it, you and your city are undergoing the same process we did about 10 years ago concerning whether or not to build a new airport or expand your current one."

"In 2007 the Bellefontaine Regional Airport had a revenue total of $92,300, however the expenses to run the airport was $108,000.

" does not appear that there will be enough in that account come 2009 to pay the full debt service, so at that time, a portion of the debt service will be coming out of our general fund."

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