From the City of Greensburg Comprehensive Plan

The large yellow lines are proposed thoroughfares that HNTB expects to be necessary in the coming years. Notice the proposed airport runs directly on top of the proposed thoroughfare, or is it the thoroughfare runs directly throught the expanded airport???? So who's right here and who needs to reimburse the taxpayers for that portion of the design process?

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This is clearly talking about any "new" developments, but why doesn't it apply in the case of an expanded airport? If airports are a known nuisance, why are we as a city going to expand the current airport into landowners residential area?

What is the operating budget of the existing airport?

For 2009 - $52,260

For 2010 - $77,970

The current loan balance from the purchase of the existing airport is $1,294,000 borrowed from J.C.B. at 3.39%. $300,000 was schedule to be payed down as of 10/29/09.

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